NBC has cancelled the Demi Lovato executive produced series ‘Hungry,’ so it won’t become a fully cooked series.

Lovato was recently replaced in the cancelled pilot with Ariel Winter.

With the cancellation season well underway, NBC has cancelled another another promising series. The sitcom Hungry, which was set to star Modern Family alum Ariel Winter, has been formally turned up by the network. The pilot was not without its flaws, which may have prompted NBC to pass it over. Demi Lovato, who was set to star in the film, opted out of the starring part, leaving them to work only as an executive producer.

Lovato cited a schedule issue as the reason for the replacement just days before filming began. The strange part is that NBC looked quite enthusiastic about the show, putting it on their priority list and starting production just days after Winter’s involvement was confirmed. The series has been officially cancelled, regardless of how or why.

Hungry was supposed to follow members of a food-related support group who end up becoming close friends. Audiences would have watched as the companions supported each other through the ups and downs of dealing with their food-related issues, all while looking for love and success and avoiding using food as a coping strategy. Valerie Bertinelli, Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, Ryan McPartlin, Alex Brightman, and Ashley D. Kelley were all cast in the series alongside Winter.

When James Burrows took over as director, the project was transformed from a single-camera pilot to a multi-camera pilot. Burrows, a household figure in television, was the man you’d want in charge of your pilot, having overseen more than 50 of them over the years. Along with his work as a pilot director on shows like Will & Grace and The Big Bang Theory, the creative is also credited with being one of the co-creators of Cheers.

Given his stellar track record, it’s a shock to learn that one of Burrows’ pilots was not picked up for a series. In addition to Burrows’ support, the pilot featured Suzanne Martin’s writing talents, who has written episodes of Will & Grace, Frasier, and Hot in Cleveland.

Martin, Lovato, their manager Scooter Braun, Sean Hayes, Todd Milliner, Scott Manson, and James Shin were all supposed to executive produce. While Hungry joins an ever-growing list of projects that will never see the light of day, we are excited to see what pilots will be picked up for series.


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