Virat Kohli gifts autographed jersey to Babar Azam in wholesome moment after India's World Cup win over Pakistan

15 Oct 2023

Virat Kohli had a special gift for Babar Azam after India's 2023 World Cup win against Pakistan.
Virat Kohli and Babar Azam are bonafide champions. And even though they don't face each other in the cricket field that often, the two share a profound mutual respect and admiration for each other. It is no secret that Babar has long regarded Kohli as a role model, even before he ascended to his superstar status today in cricketing world. In turn, the former Indian captain graciously acknowledged the greatness of Pakistan's skipper in an interview with Star last year, referring to Babar as 'the top batter in the world across formats.'
Kohli and Babar even had a memorable interaction on X (formerly Twitter) last year, which further underscored the high regard Babar holds for Kohli. At a time when Kohli was grappling with a prolonged form slump, Babar extended his heartfelt wishes for Kohli's swift return to his best. In response, Kohli, exemplifying the true champion he is, expressed his gratitude for the well-wishes.
And on Saturday night, the latest chapter of Kohli-Babar camaraderie was written when after India's win over Pakistan, Virat gifted the Pakistan captain an autographed jersey. Kohli handed over the piece of memorabilia to Babar, shook hands and they spoke in one of the most wholesome moments of this World Cup. The gesture drew loud cheers from fans, who had turned up in high numbers to witness 'the greatest rivalry', and while it's regrettable that the contest ended as a one-sided demolition derby, this moment between Babar and Kohli provided fans with reasons to find joy even after the game's conclusion