Janeway and Other Series Stars Join Star Trek Online’s Stormfall Update

Many familiar faces and sounds from the franchise appear in the newest big update for Star Trek Online. Players who have seen the programmes will immediately recognise now-Admiral Janeway and Captain “Killy” Tilly as they progress through the current episode of Star Trek Online.

Star Trek Online has occupied a distinct niche in the MMORPG market for over a decade, thanks to its sci-fi setting based on one of the most successful franchises of the twentieth century. Players lead their own Starfleet, Romulan, Klingon, or Jem’Hadar troops both in space and on the ground in this game set in the 25th century, around 10 years after Star Trek: Picard.

The long-running MMORPG has been regularly updated with new tales to explore, new ships to command, and plenty of other content being added all the time. It takes place in a wide galaxy that includes many actual places from various Star Trek media.

“Blue Shift” and “The Calling,” two new episodes, are included in Stormfall, the game’s most recent major update. Mary Wiseman, who plays Cadet Tilly and her mirror universe counterpart, Captain “Killy” from Discovery, reprises her role as Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager. Chase Masterson (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and Aron Eisenberg (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) reprise their roles as Admiral Leeta and Captain Nog, respectively, from the mirror universe.

In the new Forged In Fire Task Force Operation, players will battle through an upgraded, screen-accurate version of Deep Space Nine with new cutscenes, adversaries, and redesigned boss features as part of the Heart of the Storm event.

The California Class spaceship from the Lower Decks animated series has been added to Infinity Lockboxes, along with the additional plot content. The Lobi Store also has other things from the show, such as the Mandatory Medical Treatment gun and the Scorpion Cube. A polished tutorial, UI, updated cutscenes, and smoother mission flow have all been included to the newly constructed 2409 Starfleet characters’ tutorial experience. The Delta Recruitment event returns with the update, allowing players to create new characters that will unlock account-wide benefits as they progress.

Now is a fantastic opportunity for returning players or interested gamers to delve into the game and explore the last frontier, thanks to the redesigned tutorial experience and the Delta Recruitment event, especially considering the game is considered one of the greatest free-to-play MMOs. The game’s extensive history of updates and expansions will provide plenty of content for fans of Star Trek or MMORPGs.

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