Starz has renewed ‘Shining Vale’ for a 2 season

STARZ has renewed the horror comedy Shing Vale for a second season. According to Deadline, the second season will have eight episodes, similar to the previous season, which ended last month on STARZ. Pat (Courteney Cox) and Terry (Greg Kinnear) Phelps decide to move out of their modest Brooklyn apartment and into an old Victorian home in Connecticut as their last attempt to preserve their collapsing marriage, which is coming apart after Pat’s infidelity.

Pat begins to experience a spirit named Rosemary, played by Mira Sorvino, at her new home and is unsure if she is going insane or if something far worse is going on. STARZ President of Original Programming Kathryn Busby remarked, “Shining Vale is both wickedly amusing and a lovely three-dimensional picture of marriage, adolescent parenthood, and motherhood.” “We’re ecstatic to deliver this mic-dropping blend of horror and comedy to another season of viewers.”

Shining Vale debuted on STARZ on March 6 with eight 30-minute episodes and an April 17 finale. After being possessed by Rosemary and attacking her husband at the end of Season 1, Pat awoke in the Shining Vale Psychiatric Institution, and the season closed with the revelation that the Phelps family’s home was once a psychiatric hospital. Season 2 is slated to pick up where Season 1 left off, with Cox, Kinnear, and Sorvino all set to return. Gus Birney (Dickinson) and Dylan Gage (PEN15) represent Pat and Terry’s children Gaynor and Jake, respectively, with Merrin Dungey (Alias) as Pat’s mother.

Jeff Astrof (Trial & Error) and Sharon Horgan (Divorce), who also act as executive producers, co-created Shining Vale. Horgan executive produces alongside Clelia Mountford through their company, Merman, while Astrof executive produces through Other Shoe Productions. Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment also has him as an executive producer. Cox is a producer on the show. Warner Bros. Television and Lionsgate Television are producing the show in collaboration with Other Shoe Productions, Merman, and Kapital Entertainment.

“After the way we ended season one, Sharon and I are thrilled to be able to tell the next eight chapters of the Phelps’ story,” Astrof said. “In season two, I’m looking forward to the crushing pressure of attempting to raise the bar even higher.” But anything is possible for us. ‘We Are Phelps,’ after all!”

Season 2 of Shining Vale has yet to get an official release date or timeframe. STARZ is now streaming the whole first season.

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